A Quick Update

Hey everyone, this week’s update will be a short one. I’m on a family visit and have had to take a few days off from working on the game (bad timing, I know), but before leaving for the trip I was able to finish a build demonstrating the revised gameplay loop and the results are promising. There are still some communication and clarity issues to work out, but I’m very happy with the improvements and most of the playtesters have responded positively as well. It’s getting close!

There are no new interviews to share this week, although there are a few in the can that should be coming out within a week or two, and as always I’ll share the links here when they’re posted.

In the last bit of news, I’ve found a voice actor for Dan Kaplan, the novelist of the game’s name! His name is David Pinion, and he’s friends with the actress who does Linda’s voice in the game, Kelilyn McKeever. They’re both based in LA, so sometime soon I’ll be driving down to do full recording sessions with both of them. I’ve rewritten much of the game since Kelilyn did her first round of voice in February, so we’ll be going pretty much from scratch with both her and David.

Anyway, that’s about it for this week’s update. There’s a lot in motion, but it’s a very exciting time and the game is really taking shape. More details coming soon!